Its our pleasure to announce that we have completed migration of your website.


You need to change your Domain Name Server Records to load Website from New Server
It will take 4 to 48 Hrs to Propagate NS Records throughout the World

New Nameservers
If you have Registered Domain Name with then you don’t need to Change NS Records at your end,
We will update NS Records of your domain name on your behalf.

If you have Registered Domain Name with Other Domain Providers then Please use following Name Server Records to update at your Domain Name


IP 1 :
IP 2 :

How to Change NS Records?
1. Login to your Domain Control Panel
2. Go the Name Servers Details 
3. Update New NS Records as mentioned above

How to check NS Records Propagated or Not?
1. Open a Website :
2. Enter your domain name 
3. Select NS
4. Click Search
5. You will see your Current NS Records.

We know how important your website is, and we want to make sure this Migration is as smooth as possible. But please be gracious during this process, and realistically anticipate some bugs in the first couple of days. We'll be working overtime to respond and fix them ASAP. Despite any problems, we are confident that after the migration settles down, this is going to be a huge improvement for the long term reliability and scalability of your website.

If you face any issues while updating NS Records, Please open a Support Ticket so our Support Team will be able to resolve the issues ASAP


Support Team,
+91 976 474 6633

Friday, August 3, 2018

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